Pet Grooming at Wagabouts

We have teamed up with the local grooming business Pampered Pet Grooming who are  offering on-site grooming appointments on Wednesdays here at Wagabouts.

You can find out more about them and their services via their Facebook page.

Book your appointment by calling Sharon on 0400 609 959.

Appointments and accounts must be made and settled with Sharon directly.

Grooming appointments can be made by Wagabouts customers as well as welcoming the local community to our facility.


Please note

Wagabouts Kennels and Cattery is a separate entity to Pampered Pet Grooming.  Wagabouts is not responsible or liable for the services  provided by Pampered Pet Grooming.

Wagabouts remains closed on Wednesdays for drop off and pick up of animals in boarding accommodation, or for inspections.