New Clients

We are happy to take on new clients and welcome inspections.

First time boarding can be stressful for both parents and pets! There are new sights, sounds and smells, as well as a new routine.  Short stays do not generally pose any challenges to pets, however if you require a stay of over a week and your pet has not boarded with us before, we may require a trial overnight stay to ensure our facility meets their needs and health and well-being is not effected.  We especially want to ensure your pet doesn’t suffer separation anxiety.  Some breeds are more prone than others to separation anxiety and also those animals that are used to spending  a lot of time with you, or inside the house may not be suited to kenneling.

dog-2606759_1920Most pet trails are happy and successful and we can then book a longer stay.  However if your pet suffers separation anxiety or displays other behavoural problems that may include uncontrollable barking/howling, aggression towards other animals, destruction of kennels etc, we will not be able to take a further booking as this could potentially cause a risk to your pets well-being or that of others in our

New clients must be able to provide an accredited VET vaccination record for C5 treatment within the last 12 months and must cover the boarding period.  Your pet must also be up-to-date with VET or home worming and flea treatments.bed-1284238_1920

Puppies must be over 20 weeks old.  All 3 puppy vaccinations must have been completed 2 weeks prior to boarding and provide an accredited VET vaccination record.