Our guests stay in fully insulated kennels, which are cool in summer, and warm in winter. We are the only kennel in Tassie that has a reverse cycle air conditioner, ensuring your fur baby has a comfortable  stay on the coolest night or the hottest day! 

Comfy trampoline beds are provided for dogs, however, if you would like to bring a blanket or bedding item to keep your best friend happy with something familiar from home we will ensure they get this at bed time.  We suggest treasured toys stay at home, we have a few toys in the exercise yards that we use to play with the dogs and ensure they have fun. 

The sleeping quarters have adjoining outdoor runs, accessible by a “doggy door”, so they can come and go as they like. At night the doors are closed to ensure everybody gets a peaceful and restful night’s sleep.

During the day, there are several things to do – such as playing with new friends in the exercise yards, going for a leisurely walk around the property, or just spending part of the day lazing in the sun.

We provide your pets with a hearty, healthy, home-made meal before bed-time to help settle them in for the night.

If your pooch is on a special diet we are happy to feed this, please bring their special diet with them and tell us about their needs. We are also happy to administer most medications that they may require at no additional fee, please talk to us about this when booking.

After a hectic, active holiday of a week or more, you may want to arrange for your best friend to have a bath so they can jump back in the car smelling clean and fresh.  Please see our Grooming page for more information.

The Kennels Outside AreasRATES:

Overnight (1 – 27 days):

                    • 1 dog* is $23 per night (on the day of pick up if in the afternoon a further day care fee of $16.00 is payable )
                    • 2 dogs* are $38.00 per night (on the day of pick up if in the afternoon a further day care fee of $26.00 is payable)
                    • * large dogs must be in separate runs and incur a $4 per dog per night surcharge

The Danes Wondering What we are Doing

Discount applied after 28 days – every 7th night is free.

Day Care:

                    •  Per dog, per day or part thereof $18.00

  Long term stays negotiable.



For the 2 week Christmas period the following additional terms and conditions apply:
1. Minimum 4 night stay
2. 4 night non refundable deposit required to secure bookings
Please note we are closed on Christmas & New Years days 


Healthy, well behaved, de-sexed dogs are welcome at Wagabouts.

Entire males and females are welcome as long as males are non-breading animals and females are not in season or have recently been in season.  Entire animals must be accommodated in separate runs to other animals even from the same family.

Any dog that Wagabouts deems to be aggressive or dangerous will not be accepted.


Vaccinations are compulsory and certificates (accredited VET records) need to be sighted on arrival.  Keep your pets’ certificate in a safe place and make sure your vet updates it at each yearly vaccination booster. Dogs require a C5 vaccination. Vaccinations must be administered at least 14 days prior to boarding. If you are in doubt please ask your veterinarian about these requirements. 


Your pet must also be treated for worms and fleas preferable the week before boarding. We recommend accredited VET treatments as these are the most safe, effective and reliable treatments.


Our Kennels are a safe and happy haven for all our canine friends, therefore if your dogs behavior is aggressive or displays other negative behaviors (for example constant un-controllable barking or destroying kennel items) that make our accommodation uncomfortable for other guests, we reserve the right to decline future bookings.